Monday, March 23, 2020

The Bedouin Community Needs an Emergency Hotline for Covid-19

Dear valued reader,
     These past few months, our world has drastically changed with the introduction of COVID-19 into global society. There are few communities that haven’t been affected. During these times, resources are needed more than ever to protect the ones we love.
     In order to get involved in alleviating distress, A New Dawn in the Negev decided to lift the glove and opened an emergency telephone line aimed at the general public in Arab society. There are many people who are in confusion and distress, and there is a real need to give them an explanation and information about the global epidemic. Questions such as “Is there a vaccine already for the disease?” and “What happens with unemployment?” are taunting parents, elders, young adults, and many others alike.
      A New Dawn’s role is to engage with professional ngo organizations to get the information needed to inform our constituents here in the Negev. This is going to be a large undertaking, and we cannot do it alone without your help. Lives are being put at stake every day, and we don’t want the Negev Bedouins and the Arab communities at large to be forgetting in this fight for health. Please get involved in our cause by supporting our project financially and by spreading the word for others to hear. Time is of the essence and lives are depending on local initiatives like A New Dawn to give them answers.

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