About A New Dawn

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  1. My name is David Goldstein and I am a new volounteer member of the organization. I envision The New Dawn in the Negev as a key element in surviving the pandemic its yet unimaginable side effects. I believe that in order to survive and thrive moving forward we need to focus on all the aspects of life that we share with each other and to cooperate in order to guarantee a healthy, safe and viable future.

    The interfaith symposium where we first met was a perfect setting to focus on the One Creator (regardless of what names we use) and Its will for The Creation. All faiths believe in some higher power which means that nothing is impossible.

    We strive to develop a program and system where everyone can contribute as much or as little as they can, comfortably. We aim to provide participants with all of their needs and many of their wants and to "cover" those needs by properly leveraging everyone's participation to produce more than the sum of the parts would individually. This is called a resource based economy and the basis for economic and social security.

    Many say the Negev craters look like the moon. I want the Negev to look like Venus (Florida) based on the Venus Project concepts. https://www.thevenusproject.com/